Integrated Monopile Installer

For efficient, accurate and safe installation of the biggest monopiles

Prolong your installation window and reduce cost with our award-winning Integrated Monopile Installer. The system reduces operational time in several ways and increases accuracy, while creating a safer working environment. It can be completely integrated into the installation process eliminating the need for human intervention.


  • Unique Noise Reduction capacity
  • Unique tool with integrated multi-functionality
  • Enlarging weather window
  • Safe working conditions
  • Proven technology

Proven technology of noise mitigation

The Integrated Monopile Installer ensures low risk, efficient, accurate and safe installation of the biggest monopiles. It is also the only proven technology for noise mitigation during pile driving and complies with current international noise mitigation legislation, including the strictest German regulations in place for all German offshore wind projects.


  •  Noise mitigation system based on two principles
  • Adjustable for various water depths
  • Adjustable for various diameters
  • Available for rent