Reducing noise levels during pile driving operations and ensuring an environmental friendly installation

Add-on to standard hammer

Pulse, IQIP’s latest innovation, reduces the noise level significantly during pile driving operations and ensures an environmental friendly installation.

The system, which is an add-on to standard hammer such as the Hydrohammer, is positioned between pile driving hammer and sleeve and dampens the impact and noise with two hydraulic plungers. The volume in between the plungers can be filled with water which controls the impact characteristic reducing noise at the source. Resulting in less noise affecting the marine life.

Pulse can be used in combination with any other noise mitigation system. However, when using Pulse in combination with the Integrated Monopile Installer no additional noise mitigation measures such as Big Bubble Curtains (BBC) are needed, which reduces installation costs and CO2 output and increases the efficiency of pile driving operations. The reduction of fatigue damage makes it able to further optimize the design of the foundation piles resulting in additional cost reduction.


Pulse has been nominated for the Offshore Energy Awards 2019, in the category ‘Best Innovation’. The award highlights the latest innovations of the offshore energy market within the last two years.

This nomination is added to the list of innovations from IQIP that have been celebrated within the offshore industry:

In 2018, IQIP received a nomination for the same Offshore Energy Award for the Combi Lifting Spread, a set of installation tools for safe and efficient foundation installation. In 2016, IQIP won the Maritime Innovation Award for the Integrated Monopile Installer, a noise mitigation system that also includes innovative installation features reducing operational time during the installation of the biggest monopiles.

  • 6 to 10 dB reduction on Sound Exposure Level (SEL)
  • 5 to 12 dB reduction on Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
  • flexible dampening                                           
  • up to 60% reduction of fatigue damage in the pile
  • equal installation times

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