Slotted Frame

Used to support, and orientate free standing impact driven piles on the seabed


• FPSO, FSO and FLNG anchor arrays

• Single Point Moorings for Offshore Loading Systems

• Riser and mid-water arch anchors

• Pipeline initiations and Conductor pre-installation

• Accurate pre-driven installations for wind farm jackets, test piles and anemometer masts



• Capacity 24” – 96”

• Remote controlled

• Static Frame with no hydraulics

• Suitable for piles with low padeyes


Available Range

• Pile ranges between 24” - 96” diameter with larger ranges available

• Sleeve Inserts for installing multiple sized piles

• Mudmats sizes from 12m x 12m to 18m x 18m



• Pile orientation system allows up to 140° alignment window

• Designed to cater for short piles and low padeye positions

• Allows pre-attached padeye and chain to be used with the frame

• Adaptable for multiple pile diameters without recovering back to deck

• Operates in all water depths

• ROV friendly interaction

• Equipment globally available

• Digital inclinometer for seabed slope



  • Low pile padeye compatible
  • Low lift height
  • Light weight
  • Basic function and cost effective
  • Accurate pile orientation