Template Inclination Stick-up


• Assures accurate footprints for 3-4 leg jacket types
• Accomodates pile diameters from 1,800mm up to 3,000mm
• Available for rent and purchase


• The template is operable with fixed or floating installation vessels.
• Reduced risk to assets and personnel due to the piles being supported independently of vessel.
• Increased safety and productivity in the field. Vessel not bound to template can detach as required during installation (reloading, crew changes, weather or emergency).
• Template takes care of verticality and alignment across all the installed piles.
• Use of a Lifting Connector for subsea connection and lifting method.
• Built in survey system for pile height verification.
• Designed to work in deeper water depths.

Noise Mitigation

The TIS is designed to support IQIP’s Integrated Monopile Installer.
• The Integrated Monopile Installer into the pre-piling template to achieve 160dB sound levels.

Easy Piling Method

• Through sleeve pile driving without obstacles
• Low COG and one hoist option hammer & pile
• Secures compressed first layer, no grout mixing with soil
• No follower involved
• No dredging when driving below see bottom