Advisory Services

Making the right choice at every stage of a project

Today’s market leaders are under increasing pressure to manage projects in an efficient and risk-free manner. However, they face numerous complex challenges in achieving this. IQIP helps its customers gain added value from projects by offering expertise, advice and support at every stage. This includes conceptual design, engineering and preparation, as well as the installation work itself, maintenance and decommissioning.

Advisory services based on our on- and offshore experience

Our team provides invaluable support at all levels to help customers reduce costs and risk by making informed choices at the earliest possible stage. Based on over 30 years of design and installation experience in on- and offshore operations, we offer advisory in several areas, such as:

· Geotechnical investigation for foundation design and installation method
· Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for design of foundation elements
· Optimised piling procedures
· Operational analyses for foundation installation methods 
· Surveying and reporting

Geotechnical investigation for foundation design and installation method

To help customers select the correct hammer for each project, a careful interpretation and assessment of soil properties need to be completed. IQIP’s experienced engineers can offer support with either pre – or post – pile-driving analyses. These driveability studies are carried out using the most sophisticated computer programs (GEOWAVE), which enable our design engineers to optimise hammer components.


Through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we can advise on the correct design for foundation elements, which optimises the installation process, as well as the handling of operational loads. For example, IQIP can assist you with the design of your monopiles. The monopile flange design check comprises two sections: the stress and impact analyses for Hydrohammers operating with maximum energy and a stepwise energy increase simulation for driveability. This information will be combined in a Finite Element Model. Besides the Finite Element Model, IQIP also offers you a fatigue damage calculation. In this way, we can find the most suitable piling method and design for your monopiles. 


Based upon the constraints of a project, IQIP can propose an optimised piling procedure. This considers the soil conditions and pile design for the project. Environmental limits such as noise can also be taken into account, as well as design limits for foundation itself. Within the piling procedure, more specific site conditions can be taken into account to address the following scenarios: stop criteria for drive-drill-drive methods, pile-run analyses and adapted procedures to minimize pile-runs and strategies to account for raked piling. 


IQIP can support you finding the most suitable foundation installation methods and equipment for your project. For each specific project, a comprehensive time study can be performed for all operational steps of the installation or decommissioning process . The time study is based upon experience, project-specific conditions relating to the foundation vessel and weather conditions. In addition, IQIP can support you with detailed risk analyses and hydrodynamic studies. The results of the hydrodynamic studies can be used as the basis for sea-fastening designs, overboarding methods, mooring analysis, in-vessel design or as input for other industry functions.


IQIP can facilitate position measurement and dynamic pile monitoring, and provide reports of the status for each foundation installed. If applicable, IQIP is able to perform online fatigue monitoring based upon the speed of impact measured for each blow. During or after the project back analyses can be performed for the benefit of the installation contractor or its employer.

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