Cladding Services

Extend the lifetime of your components

Reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifetime of your components with our cladding services. Our specialist knowledge of various welding techniques combined with over 35 years of experience allow us to provide increasingly advanced applications which benefit the quality and durability of your installations.

Cladding Techniques

Cladding of almost any component and/or surface, both linear and circular, internal or external, can be performed at our facilities or on location. Apart from our plasma units, we also have welding and manipulation stations for MIG/MAG pulse welding and TIG welding. Our in-house furnaces facilitate pre-heating, post welding heat treatment, annealing and stress-relief heat treatment. Cladding is not only performed for repairs, but especially also for fabrication of new components. The application of durable and corrosion resistant surface extends the component’s lifetime and requires fewer process interruptions for maintenance. All cladded work pieces are extensively tested in order to guarantee the required composition and hardness.

In-house welding specification database

All the parameters from years of experience in facilitating flawless application of cladding coats are recorded in an extensive database of Welding Procedure Qualification Records (wPQR). These wPQR's are all verified and certified by an independent internationally recognized third party and comply with EN ISO 15614 and/or ASME standards. The corresponding appropriate heat treatment method is also defined in the database. Using this information from our database, we can seamlessly make the transition to practical implementation.

When required, tailor-made solutions can be compiled to include your specific requirements and standards, which may include additional non-destructive and mechanical testing, corrosion requirements or heat-treatment. Each RFQ is assessed by our welding engineers to select and propose the correct procedure for your product.