MIQIP: Data Service Platform

A platform that improves operations by providing clients with operational intelligence on their foundation installation assets

MIQIP is a globally connected platform that will provide you with operational intelligence on your foundation installation assets. As the demand for accurate and transparent operational reporting increases, IQIP has been closely working with its customers to deliver an efficient way to optimize onshore and offshore foundation installation. This platform will be available from any web enabled device. Hammer operators, project managers and service crew now have direct access to operational data enabling them to make better data-driven decisions. In the coming years the platform will be further developed by adding more functionalities.




  • Efficient and reliable reporting
  • Improved job site productivity
  • More operational control
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Improved transparency in operations
  • Remote monitoring
  • Improved functionality


MIQIP operates in cooperation with the C-36 Control System. Through MIQIP you can collect and store the data from the C-36, remotely view pile driving operations, transfer data and plans from the Web Portal into the C-36 and more. The C-36 is a control system that enables you to control all hydraulic functions of your Hydrohammer and Powerpack electronically. The C-36 is suitable for the Coastal & Civil and the Offshore Renewables market where above water piling operations are required. The system has been tested successfully by multiple customers and is now available for rental and purchase options. For customers who own a C-34 control system, IQIP has a special exchange program available: the C-36 control system can be purchased with a discount.  Do you want to know more about our C-36 system and the exchange program? Click here to go to the C-36 control system page or contact us at info@ihciqip.com

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Via any web enabled device, you can login to the web portal and get access to information relating to the operation of your foundation installation assets. The web portal offers functionality for:

Job Site Preparation: Your company will have the ability via any web enabled device to create hammer spread configurations, upload your project piling plan and push these remotely and seamlessly to the C-36 control unit via the web portal at the comfort your desks.

Operational Control: You can remotely view pile driving operations with insights into your hammers’ operational status and live calendaring.

Reporting: You will be easily able to create and customize pile driving reports for your customers.



Efficient and reliable reporting
We understand that you need efficient and reliable reporting. That is why we designed the MIQIP web portal to make job-site preparation possible from the comfort of your office. Here you will be able to get an up –to-date transparent overview of the documentation and certification related to your assets. Next to that, you will also be able to easily push piling plans and equipment spreads configurations to the selected C-36 units.  

Remote monitoring of assets 
Difficulties with the remote monitoring of your assets? MIQIP will provide reliable near real-time accurate data on your asset location.  

Improved job site productivity 
Also interested in even more job site productivity? With MIQIP you will gain operational control with automated piling, troubleshooting, testing functions and modes for special operations while you benefit from improved safety.  

Predict maintenance 
In addition, with MIQIP, you will be able to predict maintenance. From now on, you will view the status of your assets via the portal and use the automated self-diagnosis functions when necessary to predict maintenance. This enables you to further maximize your up time. You can also improve the efficiency of your foundation installation assets based on the data, because the portal will advise you on the best way to adjust your tools in your situation. Whether you work with your own equipment or are a rental customer, your success is assured as we together will unlock the power of data. 



Do you want to know more about MIQIP? Contact us at info@ihciqip.com

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