Operate and consultancy

Supporting you in every step of your project with our operate and consultancy services

At IHC IQIP, we believe that by working together, we can achieve sustainable results on our customers projects. That’s why we offer different operating and consultancy services. It allows us to support you, at your projects, every step of the way. The operating and consultancy services that we offer are: rental and leasing; design and engineering; service engineers; and 24/7 support.

Rental and leasing services

Although our equipment is available for purchase, you can also choose our rental and leasing options. Through this, you won’t have to make significant upfront investments. However, you will have state-of-the-art equipment, that is kept to the highest standards, directly available and ready to use for your project.

IHC IQIP offers the largest and most diverse rental fleet globally, including Hydrohammers, handling tools, seabed frames and Fundex foundation rigs. Do you want to know more about our rental & leasing service? Click here.

Design and engineering services

Let’s create a solution for your challenges. At IHC IQIP, we have a rich history in creating innovative and tailor made solutions for our customer’s projects. Our design and engineering services have gained extensive experience through various on- and offshore installation or removal challenges. At IHC IQIP, innovation and creating solutions for your project is our way of life. Find out more about our design and engineering services here.

Service engineers

Our service engineers operate worldwide. Due to our 24/7 service, we are always available to answer your technical questions. We can deploy our service engineers globally and around the clock in order to minimise your down time. Do you want to know more about our service engineers? Click here.

24/7 support

At IHC IQIP, we offer a high-quality service to our customers all around the world, with personal assistance through our 24/7 support service. This high-quality service supports you at any place and at any time, providing solutions for issues that arise during your project. Find more information about our 24/7 support services here.