Concept Design & Engineering

Creating unique and smart solutions for your challenges

Often unique and complex challenges in our clients projects, require tailor made and smart solutions. For these complex challenges our concept design & engineering is an innovative way to get the job done. IQIP has a rich history as an innovative ‘tailor made solutions’ company and has gained extensive experience through various on- and offshore installation or removal challenges. Innovation and thinking in terms of solutions for our customers are deeply entrenched in our company, starting from our experienced sales team, through our engineering and service department.

Limitless possibilities

Developing tailor-made solutions to meet specific demands, our goal is to always help our clients with their challenges. That is one of the reasons we continuously invest in research and development: to make sure we possess the in-house knowledge and expertise needed to develop and design new products from the ground up, as well as test the latest innovations. We also invest heavily in the expertise and growth of our engineering capabilities. Because of this continuous investment our engineering department is well equipped to adapt our existing range or equipment specific to the job at hand. In case the project requires a solutions that does not exist at all, we can realise pretty much any concept, of course based on proven and tested technology to ensure reliability at all costs.

In-house engineering, production and testing

At IQIP, we not only have the necessary engineering capabilities in-house to develop the right equipment for the job, but we can also manufacture the complete product, including procurement of all parts and thorough testing before it leaves our yard. Our facilities meet the highest standards and complies with all regulations. Our manufacturing operations are among the safest and most reliable in the industry. We are highly committed to maintaining the highest offshore manufacturing standards, which includes tracing our material to its origin.

Integrated approach

Our complete portfolio of equipment combined with our ability to offer tailor-made solutions for unique challenges, has resulted in an outstanding reputation as a supplier of integrated package of solutions and equipment that is perfectly matched. This means that no matter how big the project is, our clients have to do business with one company instead of several companies. This means less interfaces, less risks and lower costs.

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