Rental & Lease

State-of-the-art and fully maintained equipment with the highest availability

Every project is different and requires specific equipment to get the job done. To make sure the suitable type of equipment is available for the project, requires a large and diverse fleet and associated investments. This includes maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that it is in good condition and always ready for use. In order to solve these challenges IQIP offers the largest and most diverse rental fleet globally, including Hydrohammers, handling tools, seabed frames and Fundex foundation rigs ready to work on projects for on- and offshore foundation, installation and decommissioning. We offer flexibility on each project, without asking customers to make significant investments

Local availability

When flexibility is paramount our rental fleet has been devised to offer numerous benefits. With our global vision and local availability, the suitable equipment is made available close to any project worldwide. If there are unique requirements, we are able to design and engineer concepts and develop new equipment, and subsequently include it within our rental fleet.


Renting equipment from IQIP does not require an initial investment (CAPEX), and our equipment is always fully maintained and primed for working on our customers projects. Renting offers customers the opportunity to downsize – or upgrade – the fleet of equipment to match the number of projects in their order book without large investments, maintenance costs and depreciation. This only requires operating expenditures (OPEX), which can be directly credited to the project the equipment will be used for.

The latest innovations and cutting-edge equipment

Equipment in our markets has evolved significantly over the past few years, with IQIP often playing a leading role in new innovations. Choosing to rent instead of buying equipment means that customers always have access to the latest innovations and technology.

In addition, renting means that the equipment will be regularly maintained and kept in excellent condition. To minimise downtime, all of our rental equipment is precisely prepared for the required task, and issued with a valid load test certificate. Then, prior to each job, a general ‘pre-trip’ inspection and function test is carried out. Being accompanied by our experienced service technicians, ensures smooth operations and swift anticipation on unexpected situations.


It is quite common to lease a vehicle or other capital goods. Leasing helps to keep CAPEX low and secures the availability of equipment at the same time. When customers lease equipment, we guarantee it will be available, prepared for the required task and stored securely in one of our yards close to the project. The total investment, including costs for maintenance, parts and services, is spread out over several years and the customer never has to worry about availability, which offers great benefits.

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