Training facility

Preparing your team to work with our equipment on your next project

At IHC IQIP, we operate in markets where safety, efficiency and quality are required. Therefore, we believe it is important that you understand your equipment properly in order to work efficiently and safely on your projects. This is why we offer trainings about our products.

We have offered trainings at our facility in Goes for many years and it is here that you can learn everything about our Fundex multifunctional rigs. In Sliedrecht, we give courses about our Hydrohammer, Internal Lifting Tools and all other types of equipment. As well as providing training at these locations, we are also able to provide trainings on the job.

The trainings are custom-made for your equipment and requirements. All of our trainings will be provided in Dutch or English.


We start the training looking at the theoretical aspects about the equipment. One of our service operators will present and discuss all the parts of the equipment, explaining how it should be used. The second part of the training will be practical. At this point you will get to work with the equipment. In this way, you can receive a comprehensive understanding about the product. After the course, you and your team will receive a certificate.

With this training, we can assure you that your team will be well prepared to work with our equipment on your next project.

Are you interested in receiving training about your equipment? Do you want to know more about the trainings we offer? Please contact us by email or phone.