Used Fundex parts

Used Fundex Parts

Below you can find all kind of used IHC FUNDEX parts such as leaders, tracks and winches. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!
Equipment YOM Pricing
FUNDEX extraction device Used Extraction Device On Request
Top JIB F12SE Used TOP JIB On Request
Leader Type F16 Used leader type On Request
Bottom Guidance FUNDEX F12 Used Bottom Guidance € 7.285
Pulley Block 50 ton Used Pulley Block  € 8.250
Rubber Tracks Used Rubber Tracks € 750
Sprocket F2800 Used Sprocket € 1.475 p.p.
Idler F2800 Used Idler On Request
Idler Fundex F15/F4200 Used Idler Fundex On Request
Tensioner for track idler F2200 Used Tensioner On Request